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Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd
Comprehensive maintenance for City Cab Taxis (Hyundai Sonata,i40, Ioniq and Toyota Prius).We provide adhoc job as follow:

  1. Replace tyre, battery, tyre rim
  2. Supply labour and material for patch tyre
  3. Remove and install the front wheel hub assy, front wheel bearing, bulb, tie rod end (Mega Auto P/L)

STVE Pte Ltd
Comprehensive maintenance for STVE fleet and adhoc job as follow:

  1. Comprehensive maintenance of vehicle, which covers all preventive & corrective maintenance, inclusive of 24 hours recovery
  2. Overhauling of engine assembly and cooling system
  3. Overhauling of manual transmission and automatic transmission
  4. Overhaul of clutch assembly
  5. Overhauling of brakes
  6. Supply of labour to remove & install automatic transmission
  7. Trouble shooting all mechanical and electrical works inclusive electronic repair
  8. Install CD player
  9. Panel beat, putty and chemcial spray

Other Clients :

Goldbell Leasing Pte Ltd, Aviation Equipment Leasing Pte Ltd, Sembwaste Pte Ltd, Motorviva Pte Ltd, Mega Auto Pte Ltd, D.Mat Resources Pte Ltd, Sze Motor Service

Our Clients (Past and Present)
SBS Transit Ltd
Comprehensive bus maintenance in Soon Lee workshop and Bukit Batok workshop. We provide adhoc job for SBS as follow:

  1. Remove & Repair of Engine, Alternator, Gear Box, Rear axle assembly
  2. Engine Overhaul
  3. Window Glass & Front Service Plate Windscreen Glass Repair
  4. Floorboard Repair
  5. Rooftop repair
  6. Bus Body Painting

ComfortDelgro Bus Pte Ltd
Comprehensive & aircon maintenance for buses for group B, C & C2(Overland Bus) in Venda's workshop. We provide adhoc job for ComfortDelgro Bus Pte Ltd as follow:

  1. Floorboard Replacement
  2. Bodywork on bumpers and Engine Cover
  3. Repair Aircon, Brake, Engine and Under Carriage
  4. Repair Clutch System, water seepage, passenger door air valve, passenger staircase
  5. Replace Battery Compartment Base, tyre nut, compartmentabsorber, brake lamp, children crossing lamp
  6. Welding and Chemical Spray on passenger door
  7. Towing standby during big events
  8. Install reverse camera & monitor
  9. Overhaul passenger door cylinder
  10. Install cigarette lighter

ComfortDelgro Engineering Pte Ltd
To supply manpower for maintenance and repair of buses components.
Indeco Engineers (Pte) Ltd
Maintenance of admin and specialist vehicle for Army,
Navy, Airforce and CIAS (Changi International Airport Services).
Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd
Vehicle maintenance authorize by Goldbell, and adhoc job as follow:

  1. Overhaul auto transmission
  2. Overhaul engine, manual gearbox, clutch assy, power steering box, brake system 
  3. Carry out servicing & flush fuel tank
  4. Provide 24 hours recovery services
  5. Deliver for LTA inspection 
  6. Replace starter motor assy, hydraulic hose, multi alarm unit,flywheel bearing, brake pad, suction wall rubber, fan belt 
  7. Welding and fabricate top converter shaft, center brush pump shaft 
  8. Replace auto gearbox cable, remove & install radiator for repair 
  9. Check and rectify suction brush wiring system 
  10. Fabricate & rebuild vacuum nozzle 
  11. Panel beat, putty and chemcial spray front panel


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