Our Team

Managing Director

Mr. Sim Yew Ying

Managing Director

Mr. Sim is the Managing Director of Venda Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd. He was a former director of Ananda Engineering Pte Ltd and has more than thirty years of experience in fleet vehicle maintenance. He is reputable businessman who has secured many contracts for the company.

During his term as director of Ananda Engineering from 1995-2003, Mr. Sim managed the operations of fleet vehicle maintenance of Citycab Taxis, Mercedes Benz Taxis, Commercial Vehicles, Citylink buses as well as SBS buses. As an in-house contractor, Ananda Engineering also provided skilled manpower for Volvo warehousing and maintaining of Volvo buses located at Delgro Engineering Pte Ltd.

Apart from these, Mr. Sim has more than 40 years of experience in spray-painting, bodywork repair and vehicle maintenance of army vehicles as a contractor for Indeco Engineers Pte Ltd. He also has experience in providing grooming services for police vehicles as a contractor of Indeco Engineers Pte Ltd.

Currently, Mr. Sim is responsible for the day-to day running of the business with a particular emphasis on sales and business development, making sure that the business continues to grow by way of developing new clients whilst maintaining its existing customer base and establishing sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Mr. Loo Yong Kiang


Mr. Loo is the Director of Venda Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd. He is a former boss of Yong Kiang Motor and has been working in the automotive field for more than 28 years. He has commendable knowledge of vehicle spare parts. Hence, he has a very good foundation to manage an engineering company.

As the boss of Yong Kiang Motor, a former contractor of Sembwaste, Mr. Loo managed the provision of skilled manpower and logistics for maintenance of Sembwaste trucks. He is also a former contractor of Indeco Engineers Pte Ltd, providing spare parts as well as skilled manpower for maintenance of army vehicles located in various parts of Singapore.

Together with Mr. Sim, Mr. Loo is currently responsible for the day-to day running of the operations with a particular emphasis on sales and operation development, making sure that the operations continues to maintaining its current customer base and establishing sustainable and profitable relationships with customers and suppliers.

Ms. Vera Lisa Sim @ Belinda

General Manager

Ms. Belinda Sim is the General Manager of Venda Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd. She has more than 20 years of working experience and is a confident, capable and result oriented general manager who has helped define the company’s direction, achieve goals and optimise business.

She assisted Mr. Sim and Mr. Loo to set up Venda, starting with just one project dealing in maintenance of SBS buses. From there, she developed knowledge of human resource, accounts and finance through the managing of 20 employee’s payroll and welfare. She later went on to manage the company’s finances, dealing with everything from sales to purchasing and closing accounts.

Over the years, with her ability to keep a level head at all times, nurture and grow a business, evaluate opportunities and risks and also deliver innovative new solutions to challenges, Venda has grown to the current seven projects and over 200 employees. From then, Belinda has also gained the experience of successfully increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies.

She currently leads the management team, heading both accounts and human resource departments. Her responsibilities include managing the company’s finances, legal and insurance matters and decision making to attain desirable profits for the company.

Management Team

Management team consists of seven members of staff from two departments, managing day-to-day activities of all companies. The team is led by Director, Vera Lisa Sim@Belinda.

Account Department is in charge of handling sales and purchasing transactions, maintaining and controlling of company assets and inventory, submission of GST, CPF and corporate tax as well as renewal of insurance, business safe and ISO certification. The team also handles application of licenses and legal matters and is responsible for ensuring the financial stability of all companies so as to be able to attain more projects in the future.

Human Resource Department manages more than 200 employees’ payroll, procedures and systems pertaining to manpower planning, recruitment, compensation, performance management, staff benefits and welfare such as providing training programs and medical insurance for foreign workers.

Operation Team

Venda operation team consists of six members of staff overseeing various projects all around Singapore.

Managers from the team are responsible for ensuring business operations run efficiently, in terms of managing their staff effectively to achieve better performance standards, so as to meet customer’s requirements.

They also plan and develop new sales opportunities for the company and ensure that the projects under them adhere to business safe standards and ISO requirements, while maintaining the good working relationship with customers. Apart from these, they also source for local and overseas suppliers, so as to reduce costs and increase profits.