Ms. Belinda Sim is the General Manager of Venda Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd. She has more than 20 years of working experience and is a confident, capable and result oriented general manager who has helped define the company’s direction, achieve goals and optimise business.

She assisted Mr. Sim and Mr. Loo to set up Venda, starting with just one project dealing in maintenance of SBS buses. From there, she developed knowledge of human resource, accounts and finance through the managing of 20 employee’s payroll and welfare. She later went on to manage the company’s finances, dealing with everything from sales to purchasing and closing accounts.

Over the years, with her ability to keep a level head at all times, nurture and grow a business, evaluate opportunities and risks and also deliver innovative new solutions to challenges, Venda has grown to the current seven projects and over 200 employees. From then, Belinda has also gained the experience of successfully increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies.

She currently leads the management team, heading both accounts and human resource departments. Her responsibilities include managing the company’s finances, legal and insurance matters and decision making to attain desirable profits for the company.