ComfortDelgro Bus Pte Ltd

Comprehensive & aircon maintenance for buses for group B, C & C2(Overland Bus) in Venda’s workshop. We provide adhoc job for ComfortDelgro Bus Pte Ltd as follow:
  1. Floorboard Replacement
  2. Bodywork on bumpers and Engine Cover
  3. Repair Aircon, Brake, Engine and Under Carriage
  4. Repair Clutch System, water seepage, passenger door air valve, passenger staircase
  5. Replace Battery Compartment Base, tyre nut, compartmentabsorber, brake lamp, children crossing lamp
  6. Welding and Chemical Spray on passenger door
  7. Towing standby during big events
  8. Install reverse camera & monitor
  9. Overhaul passenger door cylinder
  10. Install cigarette lighter