Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd

Vehicle maintenance authorize by Goldbell, and adhoc job as follow:

  1. Overhaul auto transmission
  2. Overhaul engine, manual gearbox, clutch assy, power steering box, brake system 
  3. Carry out servicing & flush fuel tank
  4. Provide 24 hours recovery services
  5. Deliver for LTA inspection 
  6. Replace starter motor assy, hydraulic hose, multi alarm unit,flywheel bearing, brake pad, suction wall rubber, fan belt 
  7. Welding and fabricate top converter shaft, center brush pump shaft 
  8. Replace auto gearbox cable, remove & install radiator for repair 
  9. Check and rectify suction brush wiring system 
  10. Fabricate & rebuild vacuum nozzle 
  11. Panel beat, putty and chemcial spray front panel